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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review


Jun 12, 2024
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 laying on a table

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the newest model in Samsung’s popular line of everyday smartwatches and we think could also be the best so far. It outperforms its predecessors with a bigger screen and more powerful processor, and just like its younger siblings, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 remains reasonably priced given how many advanced features it contains. But is this fitness tracker worth investing in?

At Live Science, we know that Samsung’s wearables strike a good balance between quality and affordability. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is included in our guide to the best fitness trackers, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 scored a respectable four out of five stars in our review. If the sixth iteration of this popular smartwatch offers a sleeker design and markedly improved battery life, it does have the potential to push its forerunners out of the limelight.


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